Bike Thieves Steal My Moped

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So I was just riding my new Honda Ruckus moped down the road when I saw these thieves who wanted to talk about my bike. Then the crazy thieves stole my moped and took off. I can't let bike thieves steal my motorcycles like this anymore.
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• Giada Gonzalez •
• Giada Gonzalez • 8 dager siden
Life Is What You MAKE IT
Life Is What You MAKE IT 8 dager siden
gaurika r
gaurika r 23 dager siden
Ethan Holland
Ethan Holland 23 dager siden
@john john I seen the same guy in a video
Ethan Holland
Ethan Holland 23 dager siden
I’m subscribed I love your channel!
Zencraft 11 timer siden
U should run away 😓
Charlie Floyd
Charlie Floyd Dag siden
I am a fan I watch your videos every day
Disastroid 2 dager siden
A dip for a bike
Jeff Beck
Jeff Beck 2 dager siden
this is fake
Alyssa Cumberbatch
Alyssa Cumberbatch 3 dager siden
He not dub u dub
Martijn-Suzanne Lieuwma
Martijn-Suzanne Lieuwma 4 dager siden
Hello what heppend
Micheal Cosgrove
Micheal Cosgrove 4 dager siden
Peter Snyder
Peter Snyder 4 dager siden
He has you pone
lone sebata
lone sebata 5 dager siden
What is your number
Jessica Blake
Jessica Blake 6 dager siden
You should move to England
alayna tapley
alayna tapley 7 dager siden
You're so brave phill
alayna tapley
alayna tapley 7 dager siden
I'm one of phills biggest fans
kids cool show
kids cool show 7 dager siden
why do yuo go back remem er what happen to yuore old and yuo just hold a drugs and gun huhuh
Rehen Alom
Rehen Alom 7 dager siden
Hay bro
LGN S u r j o Gaming
LGN S u r j o Gaming 7 dager siden
LGN S u r j o Gaming
LGN S u r j o Gaming 7 dager siden
Twice Ice
Twice Ice 7 dager siden
He is so brave
Cynthia ceron
Cynthia ceron 7 dager siden
Never trust strangers
ARAMYS JR CHAN SHAUN LEE Moe 8 dager siden
those dum stupit thieves
Adyson Farmer
Adyson Farmer 8 dager siden
He's in hands of danger
Ethan Kassel
Ethan Kassel 8 dager siden
SoJohnny12 :
SoJohnny12 : 8 dager siden
London Jordan
London Jordan 8 dager siden
Your state is Badddd
Bunnyboyxx2558 9 dager siden
Yo you are so smart you can get revenge you got gun
Azucena Guydeilthkon
Azucena Guydeilthkon 9 dager siden
Kill em
Azucena Guydeilthkon
Azucena Guydeilthkon 9 dager siden
Broooo rn
T. Ftyy
T. Ftyy 10 dager siden
لا انا لما كنت ادرس الصف ٦ كنت مع ولد عمي
Blerjon Mehemtaj
Blerjon Mehemtaj 10 dager siden
100million subscribee
MasterGamingYT 10 dager siden
selma manko
selma manko 10 dager siden
If this is fake i will scream.
Ng Li En loves unicorns
Ng Li En loves unicorns 11 dager siden
What is the guy
Jewel Manalang
Jewel Manalang 11 dager siden
I like your video
BE RI HYA 12 dager siden
Fake 🤦‍♂️
Randy Mahadeo
Randy Mahadeo 12 dager siden
This is fake And just planed up up the video Like if u argree
licet castillo
licet castillo 12 dager siden
SPRINGS 12 dager siden
Dead Pool
Dead Pool 12 dager siden
You should always leave a gun on you
Vladislava Jovanovic
Vladislava Jovanovic 13 dager siden
Wtf is going on with this guy
Ghoga Gaming Official
Ghoga Gaming Official 13 dager siden
Very nice movie 👌
Belinda Ryan
Belinda Ryan 13 dager siden
weiyang chen
weiyang chen 13 dager siden
that white powder is gun powder I think
faiz shaikh
faiz shaikh 13 dager siden
I like your video Phill the trill
Nicklas Witkowski
Nicklas Witkowski 14 dager siden
You gonna call the cops 👮 but you don't have your phone 🙄
Lysandra Megan Recede
Lysandra Megan Recede 14 dager siden
Umm phil can you sub me plsssss
Danny Adams
Danny Adams 14 dager siden
Oh my God I am your biggest fan
SlotCarRacer41 14 dager siden
This is how many times Phil got his bike stolen 👇
Mekhi Regusters
Mekhi Regusters 14 dager siden
You should move somewhere not dangerous
benny 14 dager siden
You need 1,00000000000000 video
benny 14 dager siden
You1,0000000000000000 Video
shabeeh zahra jaffery
shabeeh zahra jaffery 15 dager siden
I am scared 😱
Saidmalik Imonkulov
Saidmalik Imonkulov 15 dager siden
HI HI 16 dager siden
why do u even have a moped
Ernesto Noah Revolution Tarigan
Ernesto Noah Revolution Tarigan 16 dager siden
Caden Kistler
Caden Kistler 16 dager siden
If you see this again do not trust people with masks covering up their face
Sameer Islam
Sameer Islam 12 dager siden
But he always does sometimes on purpose
aron sulleza
aron sulleza 17 dager siden
ingot naman nito.
jackie chan
jackie chan 17 dager siden
your stupid why did you tell that you gonna call the cops
malak and mayar bayoumi
malak and mayar bayoumi 17 dager siden
You can do this get payback on them
AK gaming Joss
AK gaming Joss 18 dager siden
Apakah cuman saya yang orang Indonesia
TNTDESTROYERGAMING 500 18 dager siden
TNTDESTROYERGAMING 500 18 dager siden
Finish him
Aidanbloxyt 18 dager siden
I Wach all of your videos
Michael Plant
Michael Plant 18 dager siden
You know it's a script when they keep coming back like that on his bike it ain't to tease him because it's an act it's fake the script
Michael Plant
Michael Plant 18 dager siden
Yeah and I bet them kids don't even know how to use that gun see the way he was even holding it
Michael Plant
Michael Plant 18 dager siden
You only stop for people like that when you know them 😂 fake they are all friends
Lorans Azam
Lorans Azam 19 dager siden
Team J
Team J 19 dager siden
Hey What's Good
Katelynn Hanesack
Katelynn Hanesack 20 dager siden
Hi 👋👋👋
kelly joseph
kelly joseph 20 dager siden
that was the same teenager from the saving kids in a van almost got kidnapped
Ethan_ Brown
Ethan_ Brown 19 dager siden
No it wasn’t it was two different people
kelly joseph
kelly joseph 20 dager siden
the guns are fake because there is no line in the middle of a real gun and show me the clip
miguel Dejesus
miguel Dejesus 20 dager siden
Or do you want to be good and very badly so I'm glad you're okay but I'm going to give this a lot of likes on this cuz this summer real are these real or fake I don't know but this is what I'm oldest names yeah I'm famous NOpostr as you I know I'm not that famous but I want to make you famous NOpostr I'm famous and I'm a game too gameplay videos but I'm just saying knocking over and very badly something called you're okay
Jade and Alexa
Jade and Alexa 21 dag siden
You should move out of that town, For your own safty🙏,i care about you😭
Ertugrul Ghazi
Ertugrul Ghazi 21 dag siden
Ardhi Ghazali
Ardhi Ghazali 21 dag siden
You stupid
Perla Judith Rojo Castillo
Perla Judith Rojo Castillo 21 dag siden
L J Chiostri TWINS
L J Chiostri TWINS 21 dag siden
No no no this cannot be happening
bedrana hyseni
bedrana hyseni 21 dag siden
You are legend
Bailee Riordan
Bailee Riordan 21 dag siden
They are bully's:(
Deepros grg
Deepros grg 22 dager siden
Daniel Wellman
Daniel Wellman 23 dager siden
That white stuff is cocaine
Lolbit’s._.Glitch 24 dager siden
I recommend that you don’t stop
Prince Nigel Salazar
Prince Nigel Salazar 24 dager siden
Phil buy a taser gun so if u cant shoot them with real gun so taser
onin rejua
onin rejua 26 dager siden
yuor so idiot
Steven Salgado
Steven Salgado 26 dager siden
Your so dumb
Onur_Builder 26 dager siden
why are you so dumb
Briskabr 24 dager siden
You r dumb watch all his video
FLAMEBLADE Master 26 dager siden
Every time he makes a video he should hold a gun and some bullet proof gear
A d
A d 26 dager siden
If this happens with me I would ask I’d i can be a bitch with him and I will run when I sleep I’d he does let me be a bitch with them
victor mercado
victor mercado 27 dager siden
When become 13 I’m might gat either a moped or a like a dirt bike or a motorcycle
Annabelle K
Annabelle K 28 dager siden
Is that real cocaine or the drug idk what it called
nicole meanwell
nicole meanwell 28 dager siden
Keira Daniels
Keira Daniels 28 dager siden
I know this is fake but it makes me laugh on how someone has the creativity to do this 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🥺
Among us
Among us 28 dager siden
I think you are just joking that’s just your friend
kicking around with clint
kicking around with clint 28 dager siden
If he points a gun at u just say if you shoot me your going to jail
Sandy Luz
Sandy Luz 28 dager siden
I can't do this anymore so mean gosh well this is a bye bye
Sandy Luz
Sandy Luz 28 dager siden
I'm so scared
Lex Bannister
Lex Bannister 29 dager siden
Why did you stop ignor them
LIL orbit
LIL orbit 29 dager siden
Why would u turn around If it was me I would yeeeeeettt out of there.
Rudy Chavez
Rudy Chavez 29 dager siden
So fake
Tondra Rhodes
Tondra Rhodes 29 dager siden
Sharlienys Colon
Sharlienys Colon Måned siden
OMG 😲😲😲😲😞
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