I Was Kidnapped (Locked in Cabin)

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2 måneder siden

Part 2: I was driving the van and it broke down with my dirt bike in the back. I kept going because I didn't know the way home without a GPS. I was in the middle of no where and this guy in a truck with a spotlight said he could give me a ride.
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The Official Green Kane
The Official Green Kane 2 timer siden
Cringy guy- Come see my basement boi Boi- "A mancave! Cool!" Gets locked inside Boi- "What's wrong with you? Can you turn up the heat? Can you get me some blankets bro?" Acting like it's natural that he just got abducted lol 😂😂 the acting is so bad
The Official Green Kane
The Official Green Kane 2 timer siden
P.S. if ANYONE is stupid enough to believe these are real, God help you. Nobody saves kidnappers every month 💯 😂😂
Percy Zequin
Percy Zequin 8 timer siden
This is how many times he said ‘bohy’ 👇
Ashley Harrison
Ashley Harrison 10 timer siden
Why would you go back in
TheShowchoirfan 11 timer siden
This person is dumb who takes a ride with a stranger
Kaelyn McEvoy
Kaelyn McEvoy 13 timer siden
It’s realy cool how many lost kids and u been kidnapped and criminals so stop lieing for veiws and it’s not funny and ur REALY bad at acting so STOP
The newest gamer!
The newest gamer! 17 timer siden
It's just like prison.
Tiana Matthews
Tiana Matthews 17 timer siden
idk how many times he said boye lol he just kept saying it buruhhhh lol and never get a ride from Strangers me and my sister almost got kidnapped so we don't trust anybody
Meridith Goulet
Meridith Goulet 18 timer siden
This is suppose to be staged right?
Teh Epic Blue Gamer
Teh Epic Blue Gamer 18 timer siden
Kid showing me his dads 86 yr old house "You'll like it boi"
Jace4262 18 timer siden
I'm kidnapping you but please document the process.... This channels garbage
Elias and Melat Berhane
Elias and Melat Berhane 19 timer siden
Ff I am so sorry to bother you I am not sure if you are going out of my email 📧 email I just wanted
Mexican camila
Mexican camila 19 timer siden
Mexican camila
Mexican camila 19 timer siden
I hope this is for a lesson
Skilly Dinthar
Skilly Dinthar 20 timer siden
I already know he was getting close in the basement duh😑😑😑
Skilly Dinthar
Skilly Dinthar 20 timer siden
I already know he was gonna close you in the basement duh🙄🙄🙄🙄 sorry I’m the same girl that said getting
Lori Ann
Lori Ann 20 timer siden
Phil something always bad happen to you
Skilly Dinthar
Skilly Dinthar 20 timer siden
How many times he said boi????
It’sMimigames 22 timer siden
Phill are like these vids real
It’sMimigames 22 timer siden
Store bOy
legendary Berkyt
legendary Berkyt 23 timer siden
Никапли монтажа 😂
Ann Schalk
Ann Schalk Dag siden
I feel like this was set up
Player6 R6 2
Player6 R6 2 Dag siden
My favorite part was when he says “BOI” It’s every quarter second
Haiven's Got Ideas
Haiven's Got Ideas Dag siden
oh my GOD
kaiden merritt
kaiden merritt Dag siden
oh my god he is psycho man don't trust him save yourself and tell him to stop saying boye
Kazim Ali
Kazim Ali Dag siden
It is the real videos
Alyssa King
Alyssa King Dag siden
Yessir he left
YALLO YT Dag siden
kar vs player without Armor
Noah Tift
Noah Tift Dag siden
Bruh 😎
Skylar Jai
Skylar Jai Dag siden
He really doesn’t get scared
Simple Right
Simple Right Dag siden
He has trash aim
Squid SQUID Dag siden
How many times is that kidnapped is going to say boy
Killer games
Killer games Dag siden
Hi yeah the guest the guest are first
Castor Troy
Castor Troy 2 dager siden
Moral Of The Story: *don't trust strangers or u end up like dis*
Spiral FN
Spiral FN 2 dager siden
Phoenix Barnett
Phoenix Barnett 2 dager siden
Itz_ NiquoRovi
Itz_ NiquoRovi 2 dager siden
Stats Nerd
Stats Nerd 2 dager siden
striker brosli
striker brosli 2 dager siden
Why does he say boy and he treats you like a dog he was at the first so nice but then at the end he was so rude to you🥶🥶🥶😮😮😮😮😮
Daisy Manzo
Daisy Manzo 2 dager siden
You are so awesome
yahitsmeladyss 2 dager siden
Mona Lisa
Mona Lisa 2 dager siden
Hey pill do you have a shot do? And i hope not😭
Latroy Fletcher
Latroy Fletcher 2 dager siden
I hope yu got home ❤️
nichole grodis
nichole grodis 2 dager siden
was this fake or real??
Amaira Goes Boom! BOOM!
Amaira Goes Boom! BOOM! 2 dager siden
So scary 🥺
candymax 2 dager siden
Did he actually shoot the gun
Jezreel Smith
Jezreel Smith 2 dager siden
That’s right sleep on then rocks lol 😂
•sunflower •
•sunflower • 2 dager siden
yay face reawil
MJ Bond
MJ Bond 2 dager siden
1 thing how the fk does he record this esp without him noticeing lol
nikki tucker
nikki tucker 2 dager siden
It’s cold outside boil😂
Lambros Pisiaras
Lambros Pisiaras 2 dager siden
Lets get some flesh BOI😂😂😂😂
Leona Wolf
Leona Wolf 2 dager siden
After the first few vids you know it’s staged but he doesn’t say it 😆
Noah Gill
Noah Gill 3 dager siden
Noah Gill
Noah Gill 3 dager siden
Bro just run
Adib Shabana
Adib Shabana 3 dager siden
Is this true or its your frends
Ali Yasir Hussein Alaameri
Ali Yasir Hussein Alaameri 3 dager siden
Donat gao bak to des men 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Pikachu 3 dager siden
George Not Found???
I like tuRtLeS
I like tuRtLeS 3 dager siden
Dat boah
Carl Johnson
Carl Johnson 3 dager siden
Dumb kidnapper hahahahhh
Bella Whittenberger
Bella Whittenberger 3 dager siden
The white shoes tho in the dirt💀😤
Alicia White
Alicia White 3 dager siden
no way this is real
MONICA M 3 dager siden
GameDroid 3 dager siden
7:00 HIS FACE!!!
Luxi Guo
Luxi Guo 3 dager siden
Jointhesnoto _master
Jointhesnoto _master 3 dager siden
I actually like your face for some reason...
Samson Yan
Samson Yan 3 dager siden
i just realized he had his face there the whole time
Gamer Boy
Gamer Boy 3 dager siden
i was so scared i was dead to see
feret113 y angelina
feret113 y angelina 3 dager siden
Mah Herat is beating hard
Wahaaj Mahroof
Wahaaj Mahroof 3 dager siden
OK K what are you guys saying
Naveen Ramlal
Naveen Ramlal 3 dager siden
you look like Alvado Morata
nor azizah
nor azizah 3 dager siden
is this real?
Sadie Wolf
Sadie Wolf 4 dager siden
Bro the passenger side is always unlocked because never ever thaw passengers side door in not unlocked
Isabel Mendoza
Isabel Mendoza 4 dager siden
His mom i like boy have i not toght you do not go in other people cars mom like i will slap that boy when he gets home
Scream Shot
Scream Shot 4 dager siden
Is it your videos real?
Tj the Cool kid
Tj the Cool kid 4 dager siden
Omg just walk in the basement at 4:11 it not like I get kidnaped
Lai Kh
Lai Kh 4 dager siden
Part 2 l was driving and kids stole the van kids chase into car and night phil is waiting going to town
Imani Faatoafe
Imani Faatoafe 4 dager siden
Me when I herd the gun shot 😵😱😖😳
Chris782 4 dager siden
This is so fake
abuzar khangamer
abuzar khangamer 4 dager siden
This is a real story moral that our moms told us moral:never sit in a ride with strangers
Patricia Reyes
Patricia Reyes 4 dager siden
Never take rides with starngers Uber drivers : 🥺
Mateo Aviles
Mateo Aviles 4 dager siden
This has to be fake NO INTERNET WTF >:O
Angelina Karvonen
Angelina Karvonen 4 dager siden
I died when he said I like those doors everybody makes funny comments but he’s getting kidnapped out there we have to try to help to be honest
Angelina Karvonen
Angelina Karvonen 4 dager siden
This is a Face reveal anybody notice?
Natalie Kurgat
Natalie Kurgat 4 dager siden
Phil: what’s down. Here Me: you soon
pinky encontro
pinky encontro 5 dager siden
Michelle Martin
Michelle Martin 5 dager siden
Oh no
Leslie Reining
Leslie Reining 5 dager siden
that's scary u help one and other alot
Raelynn Hampson
Raelynn Hampson 5 dager siden
No one: This clueless peabrain: wHy Do I hAvE tO SeE yOuR bAsEmEnT?!?
TheGachaOfDarkness the creator
TheGachaOfDarkness the creator 5 dager siden
Boya srot ro msij akb noide that hos hesayis
hozeyfa mohamed
hozeyfa mohamed 5 dager siden
hozeyfa mohamed
hozeyfa mohamed 5 dager siden
Face reveal YAY
Ralph dubon
Ralph dubon 5 dager siden
How many times you say boy
Doris Hall
Doris Hall 5 dager siden
He said boy a million times @stranger
Nana Davis
Nana Davis 5 dager siden
This needs to be taken off the internet ...
Rita Bando
Rita Bando 5 dager siden
Summary, never talk or take rides from stranger.
Alan YT
Alan YT 5 dager siden
It's too funny when the bad guy says BoY 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂🤣
Sonic The speedrunner
Sonic The speedrunner 5 dager siden
I don’t know why this guys voice was the same chill voice when he was getting shot at
Gracie Yang
Gracie Yang 5 dager siden
Dude are you okay
gianna oxendine
gianna oxendine 5 dager siden
I hate you kidnapper
Lauren butterfly Family
Lauren butterfly Family 5 dager siden
Dude I’m gonna be shocked for hours
Wiktoria&Sandra Probierz
Wiktoria&Sandra Probierz 5 dager siden
I boy and a girl
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