Found Missing Baby By A River (Called 911)

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6 måneder siden

I was riding my quad and my friend was riding his dirt bike by a river. We found a strange box by the river and inside we found a missing baby.
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PhilTheThrill 6 måneder siden
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Aravinthsri Sivasritharan
Aravinthsri Sivasritharan Dag siden
Tycoon Woon
Tycoon Woon 2 dager siden
@Francisco Otero p
Coveyn Peters
Coveyn Peters 2 dager siden
PokyLeaf 3 dager siden
I think the girl that stopped phil is a karen
lolmehdoraemon 4 dager siden
@Matthew YT u play roblox nice
Robloxian_mashup1 26 minutter siden
I was crying why would they do that😭😭 that baby was adorable
Rebecca Dark
Rebecca Dark Time siden
Siam Sutteen
Siam Sutteen Time siden
Aisha Aa
Aisha Aa 2 timer siden
I love the baby so so much 💕 💗
Unicorn Girl
Unicorn Girl 2 timer siden
Was the person cutting the wood a Karen I think so like if you agree
Devangi Sharma
Devangi Sharma 5 timer siden
All Karen’s be like: I want to speak to the manager
Mirela Basno
Mirela Basno 8 timer siden
Why this granny!!!
Arve Bogan
Arve Bogan 8 timer siden
Det er veldig rat men va er det ini kasen
stheyci muro
stheyci muro 8 timer siden
i cant read dude- and thanks for saving peopls life
Cassandra olino
Cassandra olino 9 timer siden
Ok so this is where that Karen I saw from other vid came from
Amal rashed
Amal rashed 11 timer siden
No why you’re coming on one911
Amal rashed
Amal rashed 11 timer siden
Why is the kid and he’ll why are you so‘s son the baby now
Ani Renee
Ani Renee 11 timer siden
You found my baby girl thank god she is ok
Zach Gula
Zach Gula 12 timer siden
Hmmm doesn’t seem real to me
TheShowchoirfan 12 timer siden
You found a Karen 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣
Emory 14 timer siden
Was this real or am I just stupid
adrian bellamy
adrian bellamy 15 timer siden
🇬🇧 baby didn't make a sound until you opened it strange Really good job guys (Not a supply drop nope)
xxxtentacion fam
xxxtentacion fam 15 timer siden
Supply drop lol
Sanchez Family
Sanchez Family 17 timer siden
that baby would of be scard and maybe the baby was sleeping lol babys sleep alot
The newest gamer!
The newest gamer! 18 timer siden
Do speak to the Karen ignore it!
Ya like Jazz?
Ya like Jazz? 19 timer siden
If you have seen the rest of his videos you know that this is all staged. Just telling y’all
Ya like Jazz?
Ya like Jazz? 19 timer siden
This is staged yeah? You put the box and took it home then put the baby in it?
Rats United Solider
Rats United Solider 19 timer siden
Poor Lost Baby 😔
carla brice
carla brice 20 timer siden
that lady is weird O_O
Cece 21 time siden
You guys are life savers
Zero_Reway 23 timer siden
Insane lady
Ibrahim Mikail
Ibrahim Mikail Dag siden
Its fake
Famille Bonnaire
Famille Bonnaire Dag siden
i want to adapt her
Famille Bonnaire
Famille Bonnaire Dag siden
what happen to the baby now?
Gelyn Arribe
Gelyn Arribe Dag siden
Your saving a baby and there are some karen
Mortal Ninja GAMINGZ
Mortal Ninja GAMINGZ Dag siden
God this lady is so annoying and mean
nison papern
nison papern Dag siden
Scam, scam, misleading
nison papern
nison papern Dag siden
Deceitful, don't see what's the story
Debby Vibbert
Debby Vibbert Dag siden
Miserable old woman...Why engage???
Adam Andrea
Adam Andrea Dag siden
This is good and all but why is the karen part in the video?
mara 84
mara 84 Dag siden
I feel sorry for the baby I’m crying
thelegendary MF
thelegendary MF Dag siden
this is dumb and a waste of time
Alejandra Huynh
Alejandra Huynh Dag siden
Truls Bäckström
Truls Bäckström Dag siden
I like your videos
it's a renegade raider
it's a renegade raider Dag siden
Bro I was flipping out when thy were trying to brack it
Sweet Cake
Sweet Cake Dag siden
Karen's are the worst xd. Two men saving a baby Dumb Karen : DONT CROSS MY ROAD I CALL THE PoLicE
Badonsi Towang
Badonsi Towang Dag siden
Is this real
aljrous gamer 036
aljrous gamer 036 Dag siden
Part two plz the baby is cute
Jill Smith
Jill Smith Dag siden
Ejen Aliyh
Ejen Aliyh Dag siden
Hes mom cant take care of tha baby so thats why he take care it away
Keinner Reyes
Keinner Reyes Dag siden
1:47 stop the cap
violeta meza
violeta meza Dag siden
Oh my goodness
violeta meza
violeta meza Dag siden
A baby SO CUTE
tiểu vy lưu
tiểu vy lưu Dag siden
The foolish gearshift intracellularly surprise because motion baly accept after a crabby bear. statuesque, long change
Da Moon
Da Moon Dag siden
Karen's are stopping people that are trying to save a baby
Faranki Dag siden
4:10 Karen caught on camera!!!!!!!
Gina Medina
Gina Medina Dag siden
Wow what are you doing
janet stewart
janet stewart Dag siden
I call bull shit !
Molly Emcy
Molly Emcy Dag siden
The ending is so sad
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Dag siden
U7gzu7ga8iuhbs gvuys67bg8q6w7huygwihvgqhhjvabja. Ann a nj a. Nmak niuhauhbau8uhauba I'm sorrry
Angel Flores
Angel Flores Dag siden
Omg omg omg omgggggggggggg
among us fan
among us fan Dag siden
Dang it
among us fan
among us fan Dag siden
I meant to say heart
among us fan
among us fan Dag siden
Angela phipps
Angela phipps Dag siden
Why do I feel like this is staged
Roka Hamad
Roka Hamad Dag siden
Awww the baby is so cute
Mykayla Richardson
Mykayla Richardson Dag siden
Why do u have a gun oh wait probably for protection
Mrs Sterling
Mrs Sterling Dag siden
how old are u
Ali Hassan Ali
Ali Hassan Ali Dag siden
محترف القناص1
محترف القناص1 Dag siden
j bodh
Nelda Young
Nelda Young Dag siden
Anna Mcadam
Anna Mcadam Dag siden
Wow well done that is amazing 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶👶
Brylininit Brylinpuffy
Brylininit Brylinpuffy Dag siden
Abul Quayum
Abul Quayum Dag siden
Make a party
Abul Quayum
Abul Quayum Dag siden
I never ever saw you before
As Mary
As Mary Dag siden
It's just a fake, how can a police told you not to upload the video and in every of his video all of the videos are fake, it just a preplanned
Dimonpro 2323
Dimonpro 2323 Dag siden
Sadest thing ever
HydraPlays139_Yt 2 dager siden
This karen so stupid tho
Tâm Kiều
Tâm Kiều 2 dager siden
Wow what a baby (when you open i surprise)
Barrie McBride
Barrie McBride 2 dager siden
Can I play with you and go with you please 😉 hey can I come on please
Gilamem 2 dager siden
Call Of duty But its adventuring Idk if this make sense :v
Madison Hughes
Madison Hughes 2 dager siden
2 pRty
Pheba M
Pheba M 2 dager siden
It's lier what kind of joke it's. Lier
Jacob Oofly
Jacob Oofly 2 dager siden
Probably that baby is dead while you guys were doing that in the start
Carl Jensen Palmario
Carl Jensen Palmario 2 dager siden
the baby is just chilling
Roslan Rahman
Roslan Rahman 2 dager siden
The baby is so cute
Ngung Hua Kong
Ngung Hua Kong 2 dager siden
Where is a baby part two
Margaret Rogers
Margaret Rogers 2 dager siden
I can NOT beileve you found a baby
Loreanna York
Loreanna York 2 dager siden
Fake news lol
E Jane
E Jane 2 dager siden
Outdraw Wee okm m
Peter John Altabarino
Peter John Altabarino 2 dager siden
mebe fotnight
Talking Walls Photography
Talking Walls Photography 2 dager siden
This is identical to another NOpost author's find where they find a perfectly clean, sleeping baby in a hot box, not concerned about finding it's mother. So much fkn fakery.
kid sniffing biden
kid sniffing biden 2 dager siden
Its shocks me to find out how much people believe this shit lol it's pretty sad
Justin Armstrong
Justin Armstrong 2 dager siden
Justin Armstrong
Justin Armstrong 2 dager siden
Is this acted
Justin Novak
Justin Novak 2 dager siden
Looks like a bs video, someone wanting likes and subscriptions... BS!!! Get a life!
Bella Leon
Bella Leon 2 dager siden
Omg so cuto😍
Simply Avilla
Simply Avilla 2 dager siden
4:38 you will see from there thank me later and it might be around 4:35 so try both
Elsa Moran
Elsa Moran 2 dager siden
Terrence king
Terrence king 2 dager siden
You are really nice
mahamahada 2 dager siden
Payten Powell
Payten Powell 2 dager siden
Lol karen
Andi Velasquez
Andi Velasquez 2 dager siden
The baby be like sup when phil opened the box
Elissa Rivas
Elissa Rivas 2 dager siden
The lady I’m going to call your mom. Me she is just a Keren
M_elone 2 dager siden
Yes her=dog