Crazy Lady Crushes And Steals My Dirt Bike

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År siden

I was riding my brand new dirt bike around and this crazy angry lady said she doesn't want me riding anymore. She then crushed my dirt bike and then stole it even though it was broken already. I don't know why she wanted to steal the dirt bike because she ran it over and it probably doesn't work anymore.
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PhilTheThrill År siden
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Lillian Knapp
Lillian Knapp 16 timer siden
Omg that lady was so annoying I wish she would go in side and shut up 🤐🥴😂😖
Gaming With Kitkat
Gaming With Kitkat 2 dager siden
Phil the thrill I’m so mad at her I could not stop my anger if she was in front of me I would have thrown her to the ground
Kian Riley
Kian Riley 25 dager siden
So did you call the police on that Karen
Riyid Ali
Riyid Ali 2 måneder siden
I want to punch you so bad
Riyid Ali
Riyid Ali 2 måneder siden
Geez if I was you I would call the cops on her
Blub Blub
Blub Blub Time siden
I'm sorry about your bike
ツVecx 2 timer siden
Everyday that's always the same car
BRYAN CORDOVA 2 timer siden
philthethrill:i wont post this on metube lady:ok good phillthethrills mind:does she donesent realize its yyoutube not metube ahahhahahahhqahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahaahahaahhahahahahahahahahahahah like if you like his vid or like if you liked it
Emča czech
Emča czech 6 timer siden
Ledy: Dont put in on metub Rider the byke:...
Joacquin Miral
Joacquin Miral 10 timer siden
He Has A Dog
TheShowchoirfan 12 timer siden
Nibbles is not happy! 😡😡
Cyndi Arnold
Cyndi Arnold 12 timer siden
5.46 metube
Carissa Guerrera
Carissa Guerrera 14 timer siden
my dad is a cop so im going to ask him you erest the lady and BURN THE CAT!!!!!!
Brian Johnson
Brian Johnson 14 timer siden
She has to be on something.
Adam Shamali
Adam Shamali Dag siden
I hate that lady
Haiven's Got Ideas
Haiven's Got Ideas Dag siden
she is a JERK!!!!!!!
Rylie Harmon
Rylie Harmon Dag siden
Kirk Carumba
Kirk Carumba Dag siden
I hate that lady😡😡😡
Karen Eigler
Karen Eigler Dag siden
Don't worry you got her drivers license so if you need to go ahead and call the cops :)
Marie Killeen
Marie Killeen Dag siden
I think that lady’s cat is trying to say help me
sandy jones
sandy jones Dag siden
Bru what's metube?????
Amber Eads
Amber Eads Dag siden
I am not a genuse on animals but arnt rusters sopuse to crow
Amber Eads
Amber Eads Dag siden
what the that is so wierd
Jacob Oofly
Jacob Oofly 2 dager siden
Wyatt Webb
Wyatt Webb 2 dager siden
Shity lady
Kolin 2 dager siden
That lady looks like my grandma
demetryus demetryus
demetryus demetryus 2 dager siden
A lot going on in your neighborhood
Greyson Stabley
Greyson Stabley 2 dager siden
You always have to walk home
Greyson Stabley
Greyson Stabley 2 dager siden
Call 911 you have ding dongs license plate
Greyson Stabley
Greyson Stabley 2 dager siden
It’s NOpost Lady
Your Home Improvement Company
Your Home Improvement Company 2 dager siden
Ha she a loser and a idiot
Rainz Stream
Rainz Stream 2 dager siden
Lily Singh
Lily Singh 2 dager siden
She is a karen
Undervirus_404 2 dager siden
It's a Karen!
Kimberly Wolff
Kimberly Wolff 2 dager siden
Fell better
Andras Lee
Andras Lee 3 dager siden
Dheshaan Pieris
Dheshaan Pieris 3 dager siden
Staged fricking fake and u can see that is fake there acting
DIRT RACING 3 dager siden
If I we’re you I would say WHAT SICK FU$@ DO YOU TAKE ME FOR BIT$&
Ussain Commenter
Ussain Commenter 3 dager siden
Janet Pascua
Janet Pascua 3 dager siden
Omg your bike
Dark Rhare
Dark Rhare 3 dager siden
No. No. No. No Late
Debbie Wade
Debbie Wade 3 dager siden
she is litterly a KARENNNNNN
taha bensakif
taha bensakif 3 dager siden
in your place i will scary her with the camera
Edward Shetunyenga
Edward Shetunyenga 3 dager siden
Edward Shetunyenga
Edward Shetunyenga 3 dager siden
ART 100
ART 100 4 dager siden
If it happens to me I would call cops immediately
Simple Girl
Simple Girl 4 dager siden
Why did the cat tells her to break it???? 8:01
puja ahuja
puja ahuja 4 dager siden
that lady is crazy, just has to go to the hospital
Charelle Templeton
Charelle Templeton 4 dager siden
I feel like she is a karen
Cheryl Marie
Cheryl Marie 4 dager siden
Jonathan 4 dager siden
This video is so upsetting to watch, who would even steal someone's bike? This is why I hate Karens.
Phai Phary Phary
Phai Phary Phary 4 dager siden
How many your bike
Phai Phary Phary
Phai Phary Phary 4 dager siden
How many your bike
Kolin 4 dager siden
That ladies a bitch
Arnel Vera
Arnel Vera 4 dager siden
SHE dot not no NOpost
Joanna 4 dager siden
Phil: I’m not posting anything on NOpost lady Me: really Phil 😑😑😑
Edilsa Perea De Henry
Edilsa Perea De Henry 4 dager siden
I am so sorry
Edilsa Perea De Henry
Edilsa Perea De Henry 4 dager siden
I am so mad 😡 at the crazy 😜 lady
Noah Hernandez
Noah Hernandez 4 dager siden
that lady is so mean.
efath 1095
efath 1095 4 dager siden
It won’t be on metube 🤣🤣🤣
Mryeet_machineplayz 4 dager siden
boomer, dunno wat youtube is
Mryeet_machineplayz 4 dager siden
foxiii 5 dager siden
I'm hiding the evidence
Azeem Khan
Azeem Khan 5 dager siden
That lady is a god damn fool that guy didn't do her any thing she run over his bike she has to pay for that
Cindy Tlau
Cindy Tlau 5 dager siden
Cindy Tlau
Cindy Tlau 5 dager siden
Yo bro Tommy should watch this and I wish hes here with u and stop that crazy lady ik that lady dont want to destroy but he trust his cat so
ostou 5 dager siden
BIG karen
Coen Hughes
Coen Hughes 5 dager siden
how can it hurt your eves you have a HELMET ON i am starting to think that these vids are clickbait
Ryland Montoya
Ryland Montoya 5 dager siden
I hate that girl
Ryland Montoya
Ryland Montoya 5 dager siden
I hate that girl
ShyFox Foxy
ShyFox Foxy 5 dager siden
Now to call a mental hospital
ShyFox Foxy
ShyFox Foxy 5 dager siden
Me if i were you: your insane *pickes up my bike and runs her bumper over with it jumped on the car destroying it* yo dumn Lady:my cat is sleeping catching mice! Real: same Lady: my roosters are moaning every morning! Real:same Lady:my chickens are laying eggs!! Real:if ur chickens were mad or stressed they couldnt lay eggs you dummy Me: your insane *slaps after she breaks my bike* f*** you wth did you do your insane!!
Jason Herfel
Jason Herfel 5 dager siden
Next time she took a pocture just smile
Helen Mackinnon
Helen Mackinnon 5 dager siden
Norma Gonzalez
Norma Gonzalez 5 dager siden
Good vid
ytyymajaqmqmsuyyjhjMaja Sveidahl
ytyymajaqmqmsuyyjhjMaja Sveidahl 5 dager siden
It is regl
Kamil Abushov
Kamil Abushov 5 dager siden
That lady is crazy!
Romeo Cortez
Romeo Cortez 5 dager siden
Get something to protect yourself
Martina Zagorac
Martina Zagorac 6 dager siden
this lady is the worst lady i have ever seen,i wish they could just leave you alone
Mark Lesniak
Mark Lesniak 6 dager siden
Judge: who is nibbles. Lady: my cat Judge: mental hospital time! Nibbles: bye loser, u were a bad owner anyway
Holly McCloskey
Holly McCloskey 6 dager siden
I need one of those bikes
W’s nerf filmsss
W’s nerf filmsss 6 dager siden
Dude fight her
RAJANI BOMMIDI 6 dager siden
Nice video keep it up for me it's never happened upload more video
Hayra Maria
Hayra Maria 6 dager siden
Peter Kirgan
Peter Kirgan 6 dager siden
I think her name was Karen!!! What a lunatic! And she drives a Ford!!!! Enough said!!!
James Ward
James Ward 6 dager siden
Are you ok that she broke your bike and stole it i hope you feel better
Phoenix A
Phoenix A 6 dager siden
john brennaniv
john brennaniv 6 dager siden
Anthony Sciallo
Anthony Sciallo 6 dager siden
Im sorry I hate being this person but this does seem kinda scripted but then again when it comes to karens you never know
Michelle Dorsey
Michelle Dorsey 6 dager siden
Bet her ass
MADISON GARCIA 6 dager siden
Why do you call 911 because he stole your bike I think you said or is it a scooter I don’t know what it is that’s not what it’s called call the 👮
Daniel Lott
Daniel Lott 6 dager siden
We found a karen
underpants sans
underpants sans 7 dager siden
bro if you don't wanna let your cat listen to that then go away from him then closer to him
William Bishop
William Bishop 7 dager siden
Metub hahaha😂😂😂😂😂
Crystal Wallace
Crystal Wallace 7 dager siden
That lady is so dumb
olivia cummings
olivia cummings 7 dager siden
tommy mx Knows her
olivia cummings
olivia cummings 7 dager siden
she so mean
olivia cummings
olivia cummings 7 dager siden
why was she holding her cat like that i have five cats i know how to hold them
Måns Axell
Måns Axell 7 dager siden
I know this is old but enywan else wanting to se her face after the cops com to her house
Italia Fulton
Italia Fulton 7 dager siden
Forget you an nibble
DEO Hernandez
DEO Hernandez 7 dager siden
I feel like this whole video was staged...did you even call the police?
trin willow
trin willow 7 dager siden
Sorry about your bike I hope you get an even better one!
Younis Playz
Younis Playz 7 dager siden
This is Karen LOL