Thieves Steal Dirt Bike On Craigslist (Cops Called)

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My dirt bike was stolen by these thieves who pretended to buy my motorcycle on craigslist. I called the cops and told them everything. They told me they would call me once they find any information on the thieves. I later found the thief myself and got my dirt bike back.
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PhilTheThrill Måned siden
I bought the van at the police auction btw
master Glow
master Glow 13 timer siden
Nah I know that u found to the kidnapper
MX WADE #09 14 timer siden
No shit phil
Cammy Hennis
Cammy Hennis 3 dager siden
Oh ok😂
Gaming master9679
Gaming master9679 3 dager siden
@Kristy Riddle the police might have taken it as evidence and then sold it after the case closed
feret113 y angelina
feret113 y angelina 3 dager siden
Heba Ahmad
Heba Ahmad 4 timer siden
You found your bike or what
MR. Pilligram
MR. Pilligram 9 timer siden
Reef 11 timer siden
Lol that car was from the kidnapper XD!
Kaelyn McEvoy
Kaelyn McEvoy 13 timer siden
Yeah it’s REALY amzing how many things happening to u like u meet criminals and kidnappers u find also ur acting REALY bad and this is FAKE so stop and just stop bro ur lieing for veiws it’s not funny so stop
Jessica Lirette
Jessica Lirette 13 timer siden
Your a hero :3
Ackeelia Johnson
Ackeelia Johnson 14 timer siden
It's really good that you are rescuing people
Lilyplayzgacha 247
Lilyplayzgacha 247 16 timer siden
That looks like the car that he found the kids in
The newest gamer!
The newest gamer! 16 timer siden
We're are the 2 boys?
The newest gamer!
The newest gamer! 16 timer siden
If they see this they will be shocked this vid
Clare Scott
Clare Scott 20 timer siden
The gun
Clare Scott
Clare Scott 20 timer siden
Your Boi
Your Boi 23 timer siden
I used to watch you all the time and I was on tictoc and now I like you again
Stephen Doane B. CARREON
Stephen Doane B. CARREON Dag siden
i know thats tommy mx]
GabeGoneWild Dag siden
So I thought he was fake at first BUT AFTER I SAW THIS.....
It’sMimigames Dag siden
U forgot abt the gun bruhhhhhhhhh
Casey Houk
Casey Houk Dag siden
Phil the thrill I like your videos in your bikes 🏍
Boscariol Angelo
Boscariol Angelo Dag siden
The face mask save all the persons and the helmet save all the persons
Mohammed Arhaan
Mohammed Arhaan Dag siden
The most random things happen to you LOL
Bernadette Mapui
Bernadette Mapui 2 dager siden
Please give me your number
Vinijoncrafts 2 dager siden
"Bro i found a fully loaded gun on the street that can have any form of mechanism that shoots automatically and can kill me" *Lets keep it*
briseida gutierrez
briseida gutierrez 2 dager siden
Biggest capever
Ayleen Lomeli
Ayleen Lomeli 2 dager siden
XxKatherine BubblexX
XxKatherine BubblexX 2 dager siden
Just lying there on the road now the broom Xd
XxKatherine BubblexX
XxKatherine BubblexX 2 dager siden
Poor broom.
Chocolate milk YT
Chocolate milk YT 2 dager siden
Dude this is CRAZY 1st of all it’s scary and AM I SEEING THIS RIGHT LIKE how do you find these ppl is this a play ?!
clia Garsia
clia Garsia 3 dager siden
i am gllad your safe
L.K. Maheshwari
L.K. Maheshwari 3 dager siden
Someone sooner our money but the police saw it so we got the money back
L.K. Maheshwari
L.K. Maheshwari 3 dager siden
So weird
Melissa Latronica
Melissa Latronica 3 dager siden
you are so lucky for finding people that need help and finding thieves
Jessica Haines
Jessica Haines 3 dager siden
I love your vids
Harry Sanderson
Harry Sanderson 3 dager siden
It’s Tommy mx😦
Gaming master9679
Gaming master9679 3 dager siden
9:03 time to fire a few warning shots 10:32 aswell
Zhhzggzgz Shhzgzgbzbzb
Zhhzggzgz Shhzgzgbzbzb 3 dager siden
How to get a gun and 2bikes for free lol 😂
feret113 y angelina
feret113 y angelina 3 dager siden
Dude i mean i was going on a trip found persons that looked like em .-. With other bikes
feret113 y angelina
feret113 y angelina 3 dager siden
Dudes be fotos me fucks em up
Mryeet_machineplayz 4 dager siden
they think yur the criminal
Chris Sprouse
Chris Sprouse 4 dager siden
Fake as shit what the he'll you like that guy whos says I'm out with the boys
coopertrooper YT
coopertrooper YT 4 dager siden
If eany of you believe this i feel sorry for you
Ibrahim Khalique
Ibrahim Khalique 4 dager siden
just shoot the gun
AvaCodo Awesome
AvaCodo Awesome 4 dager siden
You could litaraly be a cop with all the missing people you find and how you litaraly come so close to death and act normal it's crazy
VeryRandom d
VeryRandom d 3 dager siden
its scripted
Aaron Amarh-Kwantreng
Aaron Amarh-Kwantreng 5 dager siden
me:use gun You:hold gun
Faze Firmino
Faze Firmino 5 dager siden
Fumez On Yt
Fumez On Yt 5 dager siden
This defo staged
Don Schminkey
Don Schminkey 5 dager siden
He drove away with his trunk open😂
emery A . nacua
emery A . nacua 5 dager siden
Of your parents
emery A . nacua
emery A . nacua 5 dager siden
Can you face revea
emery A . nacua
emery A . nacua 5 dager siden
emery A . nacua
emery A . nacua 5 dager siden
I's this kake
DINECA HAVRILLA 5 dager siden
Those boys are the same boys that crashed the car
-_hzllokxtty_- eep
-_hzllokxtty_- eep 5 dager siden
me as a child watching this: RUN EM OVER
-_hzllokxtty_- eep
-_hzllokxtty_- eep 5 dager siden
who else watching this in 2021 👇
Littany Handchen
Littany Handchen 5 dager siden
Madison Toohey
Madison Toohey 5 dager siden
FAKE!! every one of your videos are it is so easy to see that the same people are always in a different video
Mason Kearns
Mason Kearns 5 dager siden
This guy just amazing just I love him
ytyymajaqmqmsuyyjhjMaja Sveidahl
ytyymajaqmqmsuyyjhjMaja Sveidahl 6 dager siden
Im so norvisd
Total ,gaming
Total ,gaming 6 dager siden
nice video dude,but it looks like the video is fixed
Dinoguccigamer Seales
Dinoguccigamer Seales 6 dager siden
6 feet lol
Alex's Customs
Alex's Customs 6 dager siden
So thats Tommy mx face
Uncle Bratoski
Uncle Bratoski 6 dager siden
these are all fake, but they're entertaining me
Nas ThaKid
Nas ThaKid 6 dager siden
Get out of there s*** out of there ensure that I'm going to die.
Daphne Clarke
Daphne Clarke 6 dager siden
He finds lots of ad guys ☠
DUNCAN OSBORNE 6 dager siden
Did they get them
Kurt White
Kurt White 6 dager siden
I cant like or subcride to your vids sorry
Giovanni Giovanna
Giovanni Giovanna 6 dager siden
When he goanna hold the gun right
HuntFishN Cook
HuntFishN Cook 7 dager siden
I know this is all fake but ur goated and a legend
TheBlackRider 7 dager siden
Rylan Curtis
Rylan Curtis 7 dager siden
You’ve never involve the cops before why do you have them now
Luciano Yousef
Luciano Yousef 7 dager siden
How’d y’all get the police involved omg you legends
Nature 24 * 7
Nature 24 * 7 8 dager siden
Fan from India
Delvinator Playz
Delvinator Playz 8 dager siden
you need to carry a bat with you when you go places XD
Delvinator Playz
Delvinator Playz 8 dager siden
do you plan these videos?
Nikolina Zagorac
Nikolina Zagorac 8 dager siden
Quick question. What Country do you live in?
Thewolf 8 dager siden
All you are is FAKE
Roblox and More
Roblox and More 8 dager siden
Did this actually happen or just a skit
moonlightgal 8 dager siden
Sadaf Shahid
Sadaf Shahid 8 dager siden
I have my own NOpost channel
Nereida Gamboa
Nereida Gamboa 9 dager siden
Brody Gemmell
Brody Gemmell 9 dager siden
I've been watching since 200k and forgot about the channel and he's at 2 mil congrats man
Malvina Ramci
Malvina Ramci 9 dager siden
Hi youre videsos I like so much plase me comment sharee
Rinne Sharingan
Rinne Sharingan 9 dager siden
Question why let them test drive it in the first place like there names was sus as hell bruh like more sus than deku
Vedant jalvi
Vedant jalvi 10 dager siden
Which country from you
vaega Samuela
vaega Samuela 10 dager siden
Hi my name is Vaega samuelu
slurpayvidq 10 dager siden
Hello the best youtober prilthethrill
Lachlan Nance
Lachlan Nance 10 dager siden
Never trust anybody that you don’t know
Lachlan Nance
Lachlan Nance 10 dager siden
Some people are insane
NIMB NOOB 10 dager siden
Who randomly found this video and got addicted to this
Phill M
Phill M 10 dager siden
Lol why dose his bike always gits still ed like wtf
Cory Graziosi
Cory Graziosi 10 dager siden
Wow rolled gun haha
Sean Wyman
Sean Wyman 10 dager siden
is this real or is it fake
Victor Salinas
Victor Salinas 10 dager siden
Renzo Lentine
Renzo Lentine 10 dager siden
You should have 50 million sheets 😁
José Quezada
José Quezada 10 dager siden
He look like the officer of the escape prisoner vidio
Kelly McCoy
Kelly McCoy 10 dager siden
the dragon girl
the dragon girl 11 dager siden
Not to be mean but I know that your videos are stated
Fisheye_Vlogs 11 dager siden
don't trust people
Fisheye_Vlogs 11 dager siden
that is the kidnnapers van
Fortnite Random
Fortnite Random 11 dager siden
Have nobody noticed that the car he stole from that guy when he smashed the window
jamilla rivera
jamilla rivera 11 dager siden
Your video is scripted
karinaaa 11 dager siden
Do you know what time why do you get one
christina alkhouri
christina alkhouri 11 dager siden
If they say can we test ur bike say no and take it and run because they will steal it
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