Saved Missing People From Car (Girl Found Unconscious)

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I was riding my moped when I found a strange car left on the road. I found missing people in the car and I had to save them by smashing the window. There was also someone in the trunk of the car and we found a missing girl unconscious. I left on the moped and they ran.
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Jake Dufner
Jake Dufner 18 dager siden
Dude. THANK YOU SO MUCH🙏🏻 I owe you big time!
Marius Vorster
Marius Vorster 5 dager siden
Are you ok dude
Chris Gray
Chris Gray 10 dager siden
I love you bc you help lost peeps
blue dog656
blue dog656 10 dager siden
I'm going to subscribe to you
blue dog656
blue dog656 10 dager siden
Bro your so lucky
Dari :3
Dari :3 10 dager siden
I love How you saved them
Bundle Barbie
Bundle Barbie 18 minutter siden
When the dude came up and try to help the dude that was in the truck scared the hell out of me
RainbowX 29 minutter siden
hi 27 minutter siden
Forgotten One
Forgotten One Time siden
If it was me i would ditch the girl and leave
Immortix Time siden
you are one of the best ytbers
Tayla Newark
Tayla Newark 2 timer siden
The Official Green Kane
The Official Green Kane 2 timer siden
Funny how the big rock with the white stripe that was "randomly" in the road is the SAME white stripped rock in the other video! 😂 Funny how that works!
The Official Green Kane
The Official Green Kane 3 timer siden
1) Its the same kid from your other fake video 😂 2) You seem to find alot of kidnappings lol 3) Why you holdin the gun like a wierdo 4) again no blood, no injuries, every1s just magically tied up lol You gotta work on your acting, pink hoodie did the best, hope ur not passing these off as real
yusof padilla
yusof padilla 3 timer siden
Alice Bross
Alice Bross 3 timer siden
Jake dufner
Devangi Sharma
Devangi Sharma 4 timer siden
Jaden Laursen
Jaden Laursen 5 timer siden
Its god vid tho
Teamiss Laya
Teamiss Laya 5 timer siden
Jaden Laursen
Jaden Laursen 5 timer siden
Is this real?
Mary Grace Agpasa
Mary Grace Agpasa 6 timer siden
No it's not happy that's my sister!!!! 😭😭😭😭😭
军团GHOST 6 timer siden
I didnt even realize that he was jake dufner
mursal mursal
mursal mursal 7 timer siden
Omg I can't bleave this is this true
Lorena Loreta Prenku
Lorena Loreta Prenku 7 timer siden
Lorena Loreta Prenku
Lorena Loreta Prenku 7 timer siden
Fortnite manager
Fortnite manager 8 timer siden
Lol he’s holding the gun like he’s holding a cross 6:27
stheyci muro
stheyci muro 8 timer siden
❤️ wait did you leave the girl-
Percy Zequin
Percy Zequin 9 timer siden
Did anyone notice how they both just casually sat on the broken glass- 🤭
ambitong tv
ambitong tv 10 timer siden
Fake videos.....
Creepy the Cat
Creepy the Cat 10 timer siden
Why they there
Creepy the Cat
Creepy the Cat 10 timer siden
Who is those people
britty Gomez
britty Gomez 10 timer siden
Didn't even save the girl
BagBoy#2301 10 timer siden
THIS IS A UNO REVERSE WERE THE NOpostR HAS THE GUN NOT THE BAD GUY - yes I know its protection I know this is probably true
Kendillair25 schoolgoogle
Kendillair25 schoolgoogle 10 timer siden
this is so dumb no offense bc i have never seen anything more staged than this i’ve what the actual hell-
jacob phh
jacob phh 10 timer siden
Great vid man
Cheryl Littmann
Cheryl Littmann 10 timer siden
Is this true
breanna whitley
breanna whitley 11 timer siden
this is staged, in the very beginning of the video you can see the guy standing there. on the left by a tree. thats the very first thing ive noticed, so if it was real the guy would be running up the him and drawing his gun....its very staged also nobody smiles when their really kidnapped.
Arianah Plays
Arianah Plays 11 timer siden
Jose Rafael
Jose Rafael 11 timer siden
Your a lifesaver!!
Lillian English
Lillian English 11 timer siden
It's awful funny he keeps finding card with ppl on the side of the road . What s joke !!!!
Artsy Craft Day With Amanda!
Artsy Craft Day With Amanda! 11 timer siden
ice bear
ice bear 12 timer siden
This was kind of sauce and I think this was planned because number one. The Rock was there the whole time. Number two. The knife was there all along.
TopShotta Jay
TopShotta Jay 13 timer siden
This is the most addicting fake channel on NOpost
Nicole Wasielewski
Nicole Wasielewski 13 timer siden
You are so fake
Tsuyu asui
Tsuyu asui 13 timer siden
you left the girl shes probably dead and that’s bad
Wayne Whiteside
Wayne Whiteside 13 timer siden
Good bless
Gionna Pacheco
Gionna Pacheco 14 timer siden
When i was watching this i was so shocked!
Eric Kwene
Eric Kwene 14 timer siden
Eric Kwene
Eric Kwene 14 timer siden
OMG this isn't a good idea who was in the car today
Amya Harris
Amya Harris 14 timer siden
Thank you for everything you forever when you save the world you're like the best and I just want to know the girls okay and I hope she is by the way whoever kidnapped them or such I don't even know heptagon jelly for 3 years
Lynn Mori
Lynn Mori 15 timer siden
Claudia Nieves
Claudia Nieves 15 timer siden
I’m only 7 dude and I can kill so I can 46cking get a watter bottle and get ice and a gun and PEW PEW PEW :)
Jazzy Smith
Jazzy Smith 15 timer siden
Man that guy who saved them is such an awesome man and so kind
Shpongled Gayming
Shpongled Gayming 15 timer siden
Fake channel maybe we should report you!
Susan 15 timer siden
What happened to the lost babie
js santos
js santos 15 timer siden
What the &#@$ ??!!??
Maha Babaa
Maha Babaa 15 timer siden
Bruh thanks fake- there good at acting but who would get kidnapped and have a camera-
Claudia XXX
Claudia XXX 15 timer siden
Normalpeople_scareme 16 timer siden
dude if i was that guy trapped i would of freaking beat phil up
VicenteTheMan 16 timer siden
This has to be fake
Laura Schott
Laura Schott 16 timer siden
Elijah Pierce
Elijah Pierce 17 timer siden
The kidnapper was the escaped prisoner who they said did mutple murders
Llama zing
Llama zing 17 timer siden
The kidnapper: Kidnaps kids, This guy: Kidnaps the kidnapper 😂
Robert Grimard
Robert Grimard 17 timer siden
Is the little girl ok and the two guys
Sanchez Family
Sanchez Family 17 timer siden
omg your so nice
The cousin_sister's
The cousin_sister's 17 timer siden
wow why would people kidnap
Vsco Girl
Vsco Girl 17 timer siden
My mom: "Don't ever steal money" Phil: 𝗰𝗮𝘀𝘂𝗮𝗹𝗹𝘆 𝘀𝗮𝘆𝘀 "𝗹𝗲𝘁𝘀 𝘁𝗮𝗸𝗲 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝗺𝗼𝗻𝗲𝘆" his brain: No, no lets not take it. Phil: says "no, I shouldn't take it. "I won't take the money"
Brigid Vize
Brigid Vize 17 timer siden
Oanna y7y7i o Biggins
Oanna y7y7i o Biggins 18 timer siden
Joanna big doll Julia Leo Mario Leah
Your gaming with ishaan Thegod
Your gaming with ishaan Thegod 18 timer siden
Your a hero your a the greatest guy
Brenda Rodriguez
Brenda Rodriguez 18 timer siden
It’s fake guys alr guys it’s fake because he’s finding people every day and it makes no sense
patato patato
patato patato 18 timer siden
Sorry to break it to you but this is fake
Jat Folife
Jat Folife 18 timer siden
To when people be like this is staged they be right this shot be gay brah
Junku Me
Junku Me 19 timer siden
Keep being nice
Lorraine Waits
Lorraine Waits 19 timer siden
I am pretty sure this is fake
H2Omg YT
H2Omg YT 19 timer siden
Clearly staged but otherwise it’s amazing
carla brice
carla brice 19 timer siden
Was the girl ok!?
Mexican camila
Mexican camila 19 timer siden
Yeah it’s just so apparent to have a camera wen someone is kidnapped
Mexican camila
Mexican camila 19 timer siden
For likes FAKE ALERT
peyton games262
peyton games262 19 timer siden
I like these videos but how do you always get countered with people like this
finni hangout
finni hangout 20 timer siden
You did the right thing and should be respected I will like and subscribe
Amy Gossman
Amy Gossman 20 timer siden
There’s r fake
Tmx The great
Tmx The great 20 timer siden
The kidnapper Kidnapping kids but oh wait I have to put on my mask
Greysen Gagne
Greysen Gagne 20 timer siden
This is obviously fake.
Larissa Jones
Larissa Jones 20 timer siden
Not be at your house by the way you are
Tariq Saeed
Tariq Saeed 20 timer siden
Wait a second you saved me
Moa larsson
Moa larsson 21 time siden
I don't know why you leave the girl she just sleep so can go in in the car and wake up her😱🥺
Felix Kemper
Felix Kemper 21 time siden
This looks a little fake
Humauoon Barikzay
Humauoon Barikzay 21 time siden
This is not how you open door LOL! 0:42
Siddarajurajesh 21 time siden
9:20 Good Job👏👏
Jeloy Gregorio
Jeloy Gregorio 22 timer siden
Oh my god what the hell happened to the girl!😟
Beatriz Azua
Beatriz Azua 22 timer siden
Omg 5552?!?!?!
King of foxxies *
King of foxxies * 22 timer siden
Paul Link isn’t working
ohighohomegrown 22 timer siden
Blue Heart gacha life
Blue Heart gacha life 22 timer siden
Ho the heel kidnapped this man
White Night
White Night 22 timer siden
A load of lies
Fatou savane
Fatou savane 22 timer siden
Im glad you saved them🙂
Husnu Dirik
Husnu Dirik 23 timer siden
911 now mi
Anita loves to play games
Anita loves to play games 23 timer siden
That very sweet of u to help her
Good joob brother love from BANGLADESH 🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩🇧🇩😘😘😘😘😘
Angela Robbins
Angela Robbins 23 timer siden
this vido is fake
Grace Ladner
Grace Ladner 23 timer siden
Who is here from tiktok
Joel Stewartjr
Joel Stewartjr 23 timer siden
is your hands bleading please respond
Tia Arroyo
Tia Arroyo Dag siden
So funny the dude he saved is savage he said don't worry about that girl get Paul out
Eduardo Cristóvão
Eduardo Cristóvão Dag siden
Kaylee Auldox
Kaylee Auldox Dag siden
Uhh fake asf 😂😂
Orion_Fox Best
Orion_Fox Best Dag siden
This is real or freak??!
jommroy roblox mroly
jommroy roblox mroly Dag siden
Someone is catch him.
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