Saved Missing Guy From A House

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8 måneder siden

I went for a ride on my Honda dirt bike and I saw a missing guy behind someone's house. I had to save him by cutting the rope on the chair.
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PhilTheThrill 8 måneder siden
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xXĞáłâxýXx S.H
xXĞáłâxýXx S.H 2 dager siden
Ofc I will enjoy this ℂ𝕆𝕆𝕃 videos!! 😀 __ / ))) _ / イ ((( \ ( ノ  ̄Y\ | (\ ∧_∧ | ) ヽ ヽ`(´^ㅅ^)_/ノ/ \ | ⌒Y⌒ / / \ヽ | ノ / \ トー仝ーイ / | ミ土彡 |
Jerika Baldwin
Jerika Baldwin 4 dager siden
Hey is this real?!?
loanalissa steven
loanalissa steven 6 dager siden
Trinity loving sweetheart Sweet gaming
Trinity loving sweetheart Sweet gaming 7 dager siden
It’s so fake a real kidnapper would put it over the nose
Chanel Dior
Chanel Dior 9 dager siden
@Its Elijah ???aa
Debby Vibbert
Debby Vibbert Dag siden
Idiot has "slow children " not private property or no police how do you find all these people???
Amy Gossman
Amy Gossman Dag siden
Your vids r fake
kaiden merritt
kaiden merritt Dag siden
omg by the way i am a girl named kylla and it is gonna say k beacuse i am on my twin brothers account so you are the most bravest guy just to save people and i would be so scared i would try but i feel like i wouldn't get it
robert robinson
robert robinson Dag siden
Is he okay
Jaxson Doriott
Jaxson Doriott 2 dager siden
Quentin Moritz
Quentin Moritz 2 dager siden
Bro you capping said you have been there before but I did leave a like this is all a setup you reloaded that gun like 7 times
Kramer’s show Wilcoxen fam and more
Kramer’s show Wilcoxen fam and more 3 dager siden
Biker: Come on I need 6 feet 6 feet Man:OK Me: sings song
feret113 y angelina
feret113 y angelina 3 dager siden
Ivan Grgic The kickboxer99
Ivan Grgic The kickboxer99 4 dager siden
Tapashi Kalita
Tapashi Kalita 4 dager siden
Dud your brave
Claudia Castillo
Claudia Castillo 4 dager siden
wow you are such a nice porson i love your videos!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Spider_man0906 4 dager siden
It’s weird how both the kidnapper and the kidnapped person has a microphone 🤔
Bailey Rosas
Bailey Rosas 4 dager siden
I th8nk your a bit too rude bruh he was kidnap you are just yelling
Mykal Jones
Mykal Jones 4 dager siden
Thin should not be on youtube
Bass Music
Bass Music 4 dager siden
i am enjoying from your videos,but your videos are fake.
Emily Vanstone
Emily Vanstone 5 dager siden
“ What he going to do if I go on his property “ Me : oh mabye shot. You I mean he had a gun duuu
xXCute GirlxX
xXCute GirlxX 5 dager siden
You should be more famous than this cause you literary save lives and rescue missing people.
Keneth Reyes Castillo
Keneth Reyes Castillo 5 dager siden
im tryin to hunt here :biker die :hunter welp i have ten mill ppl kidnapped :biker finds all of them :hunter die:kidnapped ppl runs away :biker gets one of them on bike then drives away
Breanda Fabila
Breanda Fabila 5 dager siden
Breanda Fabila
Breanda Fabila 5 dager siden
I love the one when he reveals his face
The crazy vegan Chick
The crazy vegan Chick 5 dager siden
How come I’ve seen that car at the end, well the thing he rides in. I’ve seen that more Han once??
Rohin 6 dager siden
Shelby Naylor
Shelby Naylor 6 dager siden
DIO BRANDO 6 dager siden
bro your really a hero also a risker at the same time lol
Matthew William Gaming
Matthew William Gaming 6 dager siden
Stop posting you scare me
Mohammed Marzy
Mohammed Marzy 6 dager siden
2min silence to those who think it was real 😂
LucaseTheGreat 6 dager siden
You are a hero
only Kimberly show
only Kimberly show 6 dager siden
Is this real or fake?
Mildred Brown
Mildred Brown 6 dager siden
What's up
Lucas Rules2
Lucas Rules2 6 dager siden
Phil breaths so loud lol i do do my mom and dad always say that like “ lucas your breathing so loud”
Uni Shea
Uni Shea 6 dager siden
This stuff give me nightmares u should stop doing this
Sandy Tawk
Sandy Tawk 6 dager siden
I 👍👍ed it
Bobs Lasagna
Bobs Lasagna 6 dager siden
This is how you stage a video and earn easy money in yt chat
oc sebi
oc sebi 6 dager siden
Where are you from?
Kayden Ronquest
Kayden Ronquest 6 dager siden
how do you keep finding all these crazy things
yared gurmu
yared gurmu 6 dager siden
Omg I was scared
Andrijana Sajic
Andrijana Sajic 6 dager siden
Amy 7 dager siden
Hi phll
olivia cummings
olivia cummings 7 dager siden
Jose 7 dager siden
Jessica Traeger
Jessica Traeger 7 dager siden
Is this real or fake
P A I N T 7 dager siden
Is this fake or not?
Jiya Kgm
Jiya Kgm 7 dager siden
Awasome bro good job
Mr parrot and Steven Plays
Mr parrot and Steven Plays 7 dager siden
And that's why people don't like the name:Hunter E
This has to be staged it is not real
lola Japanese
lola Japanese 8 dager siden
marisa williams
marisa williams 8 dager siden
Hi I'm new
Shenea Miller
Shenea Miller 8 dager siden
I love ut
Harlee Sheffield
Harlee Sheffield 8 dager siden
How old are you
Fiona Tapi
Fiona Tapi 8 dager siden
I know I shouldn’t be laughing but...... The way he fell down the chair was just hilarious not gonna lie no offense man........
Marie Sloupova Barbalat
Marie Sloupova Barbalat 8 dager siden
If I had money i would give it to the fans and Philthethrill
Isabel Miko
Isabel Miko 8 dager siden
were you actually gonna shoot him?
Luis 魔鬼
Luis 魔鬼 8 dager siden
New title I paid crazy hunter to buy a new chair that doesn’t fall over (oh and I save a kidnapped person)
Nicole Abraham
Nicole Abraham 7 dager siden
Phil the thrill made a good choice not to listen to him.
Iqra Khalid
Iqra Khalid 8 dager siden
You are the sweetest person ever
Tegan Sloper
Tegan Sloper 9 dager siden
You forgot your
Niyah Ross
Niyah Ross 9 dager siden
Aryn Ace
Aryn Ace 9 dager siden
I love your videos and I watch them all day . I look up to you and when I grow up I'll save people too like you . im 9 and I'll be a NOpostr like you . when I'm 16. You videos make me happy
Alexander Casillas
Alexander Casillas 9 dager siden
Bro you just did a face tour
Anil Moktan
Anil Moktan 9 dager siden
Where do u live geez its dangerous
Aalyanthegamer 10 dager siden
The guy that got kidnapped fell from his chair like 100 times
JAYDEN LIM JIA QING Moe 10 dager siden
Bruh that guy is the same guy from the last vid
Tarryn Wood
Tarryn Wood 10 dager siden
You are so nice!!!!!!!!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
Lexi Laney
Lexi Laney 10 dager siden
Paige Tomes
Paige Tomes 10 dager siden
My anxiety when you were hiding oh gosh
kenzie marshall
kenzie marshall 10 dager siden
same sirex
Abdiel Velez
Abdiel Velez 10 dager siden
Oh did i he just leave the bike he’s crazy
Abdiel Velez
Abdiel Velez 10 dager siden
Yo he would run then get in the bike and leave mg I think this is fake mg
Andrew Hall
Andrew Hall 11 dager siden
He has the same people in each vid
awesome_trio 11 dager siden
*Leave a like if you enjoyed * 👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼
EVA NUTT 11 dager siden
It a man karennnn >:(
Fabi Fernandes
Fabi Fernandes 11 dager siden
Looks so fake
Oksana Morozova
Oksana Morozova 11 dager siden
Nook Yykjkhy🤣🤣🤣🤣
Oksana Morozova
Oksana Morozova 11 dager siden
No Kkkwkskwokwo
• Littlë Büttërfly •
• Littlë Büttërfly • 11 dager siden
I like how he asked him"Hey what did he do to you" when his mouth is duck tapped shut like what dose he expect lol and he also hid behind a chair that dosen't even hid him lol! Im also proud tho because he actually pointed the gun at him but left his dirt bike and now he gots it-
Ragland Felix
Ragland Felix 12 dager siden
i like
Danielle Isaacs
Danielle Isaacs 12 dager siden
He has like a crazy life
Danielle Isaacs
Danielle Isaacs 12 dager siden
He has like a crazy lazy
Danielle Isaacs
Danielle Isaacs 12 dager siden
I mean life
Astella Reed
Astella Reed 12 dager siden
I tot it
Lilly Epke
Lilly Epke 12 dager siden
Where the bike at
Megan Dotson
Megan Dotson 12 dager siden
i saw ur face reveal ur so HANSOM!! SO CUTE even tho im a kid
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker 12 dager siden
I'm not a hater I luv ur vids btw
Samantha Parker
Samantha Parker 12 dager siden
Is this real?
Juliana Wendt
Juliana Wendt 12 dager siden
He be cute though
jack renee
jack renee 13 dager siden
That’s your knife
Hakatadine Dela Cruz
Hakatadine Dela Cruz 13 dager siden
Bru Dude how you not scared??????
Chelsea Owen
Chelsea Owen 13 dager siden
Mavericks Army
Mavericks Army 13 dager siden
If you see this read the comments because there's a Bowser guy and he has a point well not a lot but still kind of because he says that he's going to cut you out with a knife but yeah I still kind of has a point
Franklin Jimmy Beast
Franklin Jimmy Beast 13 dager siden
Does the crazy man have a Vietnam sniper rifle
Zucchini 13 dager siden
But his channel is still lit
Zucchini 13 dager siden
Here's how I know his is fake. It's fake because every person that's tied up, is tied with the SAME rope.
Zucchini 13 dager siden
Carter And Dylan Gaming
Carter And Dylan Gaming 13 dager siden
It is always the same kid he is saving it’s fake
Max Pownall
Max Pownall 13 dager siden
Is any of this real
kiwi nesta vlogs
kiwi nesta vlogs 14 dager siden
I love watching your video's
the crochet guy
the crochet guy 14 dager siden
how does he find missing people so easly
Family First
Family First 14 dager siden
シ-ruthless- 14 dager siden
Is this stuff real i mean wow people these days
tami japink
tami japink 14 dager siden
Dude, you need to start carrying your phone. You keep saying your going to call the police. Heck I have to wonder why you are out there without a phone.
Abby Oliver
Abby Oliver 14 dager siden
Lmao cheese man 🧀👳‍♂️🤣👌
Prince Gurung
Prince Gurung 15 dager siden
If you’re kidnapped don’t worry this man is there for you
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